Happy Den Cleaning Branding
Happy Den Cleaning is a new company connecting you to local cleaners in your area.
They required a simple, straight-forward, clean brand that looks  trustworthy, friendly and professional.  
They also specifically requested illustration in the form of people cleaning. This gives a friendly aspect to the brand. I created various different styles before we chose and decided on the final ones.
The logo and illustration were created hand-in-hand to work and contrast with each other. 

For the colour palette I chose a fresh, clean blue-green with a contrasting bright pink highlight, and an accompanying grey to give more depth. 
After discussing how the website would be built, we decided a Squarespace website would be the most suitable and appropriate for the project. I designed and built the website including custom CSS.
This continues to be an enjoyable and rewarding project to work on, I look forward to seeing the company grow.

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